Saturday, 16 August 2014

The Reality Of The Syrian Civil War: The Reality of the Syrian Civil War - MAY 2014Th...

The Reality Of The Syrian Civil War: The Reality of the Syrian Civil War - MAY 2014

: The Reality of the Syrian Civil War - MAY 2014 The following post will uncover and reveal the truth about the Syrian Civil War. After read...

22 Killed in Southern Syria by ISIS Car bomb

22 people have been killed by a car bomb which was detonated outside a mosque. Several of the dead were rebel fighters as well as scores of civilian which included women and children.  The bomb was detonated by ISIS as it steps up its offensive in Syria.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Thousands Of Iraqi Yazidis take refuge in Syria and Peshmerga rescue several from the Mountains

Thousands of Iraqi Yazidis who fled from a part of ISIS controlled to the mountains in Iraq have entered Syria - mostly in government and YPG held areas where they are receiving care and are safe from the ISIS militants. Syria has been engulfed in violence since 2011 and Iraq has recently seen a surge in violence between ISIS forces against Peshmerga forces, the Mahdi army and the Iraqi Armed forces.

In Iraq, Yazidis also received aid in the Kurdish part of Iraq.  There were also a number of Christians who were also arriving in Syria to seek refuge from the savage militants.


ISIS Sends a powerful Message to the US via Social Media

ISIS has used twitter and the hash tag - #amessagefromisistous to send a powerful and worrying message to the US as a result of their airstrikes on ISIS targets in Iraq.

Obama's decision Friday morning to launch strikes against ISIS artillery positions set off ISIS backers and triggered online propaganda

'We will make a barbecue party on you': Some of the threats came in broken English from accounts that mostly tweet in Arabic

Casualties memorialized online: ISIS has turned to Twitter as a propaganda tool

BY KASNA (KURDISH AND SYRIAN NEWS AGENCY - kurdishandsyriannewsagency.blogspot.com)

Syrian Army and Hezbollah assault on Aleppo now Imminent

Hezbollah Fighters

Syrian Army on the Streets of Aleppo

The Syrian Army has been deploying elite units such as the 4TH armored division and the Republican Guard to the city of Aleppo. Aleppo use to be Syria's commercial hub.The Syrian army has been making gains in Aleppo recently and since July has cut off major supply routes to the rebels inside Aleppo. Soon, the rebels inside Aleppo will be running out of resources and weapons and they will soon become easy targets for the Syrian Arab army, the national defense force and the Hezbollah Militias.

Imminent Assault
The actual assault is expected to be launched by regular shelling of targets in Aleppo and Airstrikes from the Syrian Air force. Then the city will be stormed by thousands of fighters who will also have continuous air cover. The attack could is expected to be launched within the next few months. The Syrian army can not besiege Aleppo for too long as military resources are needed else where (particularly in Deir-Ez Zour and Raqqa to fight of ISIS militants and retake the oil fields of Deir-Ez Zour.) The attack on Aleppo will primarily be from the south.

The end in sight?
Retaking the rest of Aleppo will be a major blow to the opposition and will also allow residents to return to their homes in Aleppo.

The front lines in Aleppo

Which rebels are in Aleppo?
The fighters in Aleppo are mainly from Al Nusra and the so called " Free Syria Army." ISIS is also present in some parts of Aleppo. Fighters in Aleppo have described Al Nusra as the "special forces" of Aleppo but it is expected that they will not be able to hold off the assault.

ISIS Militias - The vast majority of ISIS Fighters are not Syrian.

BY KASNA (KURDISH AND SYRIAN NEWS AGENCY - kurdishandsyriannewsagency.blogspot.com)

YPG hears the calls of Shingal/Sinjar

YPG hears the calls of Shingal/Sinjar

Many people reading about latest ISIS attacks in Ninawa Governorate would know that Peshmergas (Kurdish soldiers) loyal to Barzani's Kurdistan Democracy Party (KDP) retreated from towns, such as Shingal, leaving tens of thousands of Yezidi Kurds at the mercy of Islamic State (IS) mercenaries. Those Yezidis had no choice but to flee to the nearby mountains, where there would be no shelter from temperatures reaching up to 40 degrees.

Their only hope was the PUK Peshmerga (Kurdish soldiers loyal to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan), which numbered no more than 700 soldiers in that small town, and the neighbouring People's Protection Units (YPG) which is tasked with defending Rojava. YPG was quick to come to the people's aid when they heard that KDP Peshmerga were pulling out. They sent units making sure the people in Shingal mountain were safe from IS attacks, and sent many of their soldiers to confront IS in the town itself.